Smart phone ‘app’.

24-hour support in your pocket.

Convenience is our priority. That’s why we’ve developed a smart phone app that means you can access any of our services, 24-hours a day by just reaching into your pocket.

Our custom built, carefully designed app makes accessing our services simpler than ever, and is available for every single member of staff covered by our enhanced, enhanced plus, employee assistance programme or corporate wellbeing packages.

It removes the burden away from the management team, who can carry on with their work safe in the knowledge that all staff have access to market leading occupational health and wellbeing support from an award-winning provider.

All the staff need to do is setup their password, and they’re away.

Easy referrals.

Once staff have downloaded the app to their smart phone, accessing our services is quick and easy.

For many of the services, the self-referral process will take you through some step-by-step guidance and consent questions. This allows staff to let us know what service they would like to access, and will be given all the necessary information about the service.

The step-by-step process, large buttons, and easy to understand wording ensures staff will understand what happens next and be fully informed throughout.

Following this, they will immediately be able to select from a list of appointments, and book themselves for a telephone or video appointment. Alternatively, they can choose to make a booking later on.

Secure encryption.

We know that privacy is a concern for our clients. Whether a member of staff has been referred for an occupational health assessment, or has chose to access support for themselves, it’s important that they remain fully informed and provide consent throughout.

It’s also important that anything they access is secure, and no information can be accessed without their consent.

Our app integrates with all our secure, end-to-end encrypted systems, meaning your staff can have complete peace of mind that their data will be handled safely and confidentially.