Online referral systems.

Easy and always available.

Working with the Smart Clinic means you’ll have access to custom built online referral systems, that make referring your staff to us super simple.

For us, providing a high-quality occupational health report to your management team is our goal. We want it to be useful, and contain realistic and helpful advice. To do this, we need to ensure that the referral information we’re receiving from you provides the information we need without us having to request more in the future and keep bothering you about it.

That’s why we have designed our own online referral systems, accessible to you 24-hours a day wherever you may be.

It’s a step-by-step system, that will guide you seamlessly through the process, helping you to get the most out of your referral to us.

No consent. No problem.

We don’t need to rely on old fashioned signed paper consent forms, so throw them in the bin and use our easy online consent process instead.

As long as you’ve discussed the referral with your member of staff beforehand, you don’t need to upload a signed consent form. You can just select the option to say you don’t have consent yet, and we’ll seek consent on your behalf.

No waiting around for forms to be posted. No printing and scanning in.

Your member of staff will be sent a link, all they need to do is click on this, and follow some simple instructions to provide their consent. On average, this takes our customers 90 seconds to complete.

Keep me updated.

Using our online referral system means you’ll have access to our admin client area, where you can also track the progress of your referral.

You’ll receive automatic notifications when there’s an update regarding one of your cases, and you’ll have access to a full catalogue of useful advice and materials.

You will also be able to view previous referrals and download previously completed occupational health reports.