Online staff area.

Online. Anytime. Anywhere.

Taking out a package with us gives your team access to a specialist, custom built and easy to use client area at the click of a button.

We don’t buy in third party software then bend into shape to fit our requirements. We’ve built everything from scratch to make it absolutely perfect for you and your team, so that you have virtual access to us any time and from any place.

Our client area is carefully designed to be clear, simple and easy to use, even for the technophobes amongst us.

Creating a password and logging in remotely is quick and once you’re in, you can see all the services included within your package, self-refer for them, or access any other useful information and downloads.

Power to the people.

Giving staff their own logins to our client area gives the control back to them. They can choose what services they would like to access, and when they would like to access them.

Being able to do this 24-hours a day from any computer, tablet or smartphone means they’re not waiting for authorisation or help from management. The choice is with them, as you’ve empowered them to select services suitable for them.

This makes it totally confidential and private, which encourages staff to seek support more than they otherwise would.

Only services included as part of their package will be displayed in the staff client area, so no matter how many staff access support, there will be no change to the price of the package that you’ve signed up to. No surprise nasty bills!

Personal support.

For any staff who need help with accessing the online client area, or who aren’t sure which service would be right for them, our amazing and experienced team are on hand to help.

We’ll be delighted to talk through options to your staff, so they have someone truly independent and confidential to speak to.

Our office is open five days per week, or alternatively we can be emailed 24-hours a day, and will respond as quickly as possible.