learning hub.

admin client area.

Tutorials and demonstrations to give you a flavour of how our client area looks to your HR and senior leadership team.

Occupational health referral
Demonstration and tutorial
Stress & mental wellbeing
Risk assessments explainer
Pre-placement referral
Demonstration and tutorial
Full admin area
Demonstration and tutorial
Reports and usage
Demonstration and tutorial

staff client area.

Tutorials and demonstrations for your employees on how to login for the first time, access services and more.

Logging in for the first time
Demonstration and tutorial
Reading and releasing your report
Demonstration and tutorial
Welcome to Smart Clinic
Introduction and explainer
Providing consent
Demonstration and tutorial

webinars and learning.

Sessions from Smart Clinic that will help you to select the right provider, and build on your professional development.

Making a great OH referral
5 important tips
Employee mental health
3 key areas to focus on
OH and HR webinar
HR and OH are working together
Choosing an OH provider
7 key tips

get to know Smart Clinic.

Promotional videos and explainers where you can get to know us and what we do.

Introducing Smart Clinic
Get to know us in one minute
Meet our founder
A deep dive into Smart Clinic and our history
Corporate wellbeing
Getting to know the service
Cheshire Business Awards
Our successful entry video for the Cheshire Business Awards
Smart Clinic advert
A 30-second advert for Smart Clinic

5-in-5 series 1.

Our first 5-in-5 series, where we explore 5 commonly queried areas of occupational health in 5 (ish) minutes.

Welcome to our first 5-in5 series
Episode 3
Do I have to consent to OH?
Episode 1
What is an OH assessment?
Episode 4
Why, I already have a fit note?
Episode 2
What is an occupational health report?
Episode 5
What is ill-health retirement?

5-in-5 series 2.

Our second 5-in-5 series, where we explore 5 commonly queried areas about reasonable adjustments in 5 (ish) minutes.

Episode 1
When is a disability covered by the Equality Act (2010)?
Episode 4
Requesting amendments and support at work
Episode 2
What reasonable adjustments are ‘reasonable’?
Episode 5
Why have I been referred to OH whilst off sick?
Episode 3
What happens when reasonable adjustments aren’t possible?

strategic wellbeing series.

Join Smart Clinic and People First for a series about strategic wellbeing.

Episode 1
5 assumptions we make about employee wellbeing skills
Episode 2
Unveiling golden tips for maximum wellbeing impact
Episode 3
5 steps to building an incredible wellbeing strategy

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