our partnerships programme.

become a Smart Clinic commercial partner.

Hello and welcome to our partner’s programme.

We love working with other, like-minded businesses who have similar objectives to us. That’s why we’ve launched the Smart Clinic Partner’s Programme, and we’d love you to be involved.

This is a service that enables our organisation to be a commercial partner with you, providing instant market-leading access to a range of occupational health and wellbeing services to your clients.

benefits include...

Brand strength

Strength in numbers. Partnering with a reputable and proven brand such as Smart Clinic helps to increase the strength of both your brand and ours. Working with a company who has a reputation as strong as ours, helps to enhance your brand, demonstrating that you work with some of the top industry partners. The same can be said for us working with you too, that’s why we carefully vet all our potential partners and ensure they deliver the same high-quality services that we do.

Increase your portfolio of services

Are you able to offer market-leading occupational health services to your clients? Or instant wellbeing support such as counselling, physiotherapy and virtual GP services? If not, partner with us and you’ll be able to offer this as a value adding service to all of your clients. This strengthens your portfolio of services, and increases your appeal to existing and prospective clients.

Additional revenue

Adding another revenue stream to your organisation is always an attractive prospect, but it needs to come with very little risk or setup work. That’s why we’ve developed a straightforward Partner’s Programme that you can implement immediately, allowing you to offer services to your clients and generate extra income immediately and with no risk to you.

the services your clients can benefit from...


Pre-placement screening

To assess a teacher’s medical capacity to undertake their new role within your school.

oh assessments

To assess a member of staff’s fitness to work and address any specific queries you have relating to an illness or absence, such as advice on the equality act.

Employee assistance helpline

24-hour access to support, including emergency counselling or medical advice.


Helping staff to manage musculoskeletal issues without taking time off work.

mental health first aid

We’ll train a member of your staff to be a mental health first aider to the students, helping to identify and recognise early stages of mental health concerns.

Counselling & CBT

Structured sessions to help members of staff deal with any of their existing issues.

Mental health assessments

To assess a member of staff’s fitness to work relating specifically to their mental health.

Wellbeing visits

We’ll spend time at your school to conduct health promotion activities that will boost morale, make staff feel valued, and help them to maintain positive health.

Musculoskeletal assessments

An assessment of working capacity, specific to any bone or muscular concerns.