Limiting worrying

Excessively worrying can be problematic to your physical and emotional health, therefore it can be useful to try to keep your worries under control where possible.  Below are some suggestions for limiting worrying:

Limit your intake of negative news:  Overexposure to any crisis or situations may heighten your feelings of fear or despair.  Educate and inform yourself of world news but try not to over immerse yourself in negativity and fear.

Think about – How often do you need to be updated on the news?

Stick to a routine:  Try to wake up, eat meals, complete tasks, hobbies, social activities and go to bed at reasonably set times.  Having a schedule will give you a sense of routine and normalcy, and may help to reduce worry.

Think about – Do you have a routine that allows you to feel a sense of accomplishment each day?  Do you feel a sense of balance in your day?  Are you deriving pleasure and enjoyment from your activities?

Gratitude list:  Make a gratitude list of things that you are thankful for each day.   Add two to three things to your list each day and read/review your list regularly.

Think about – Do you focus on the negatives and ignore the positives of a situation?  Try to redress this.

Avoid negative thinking: Do you think about the “what ifs” of a situation or go down the “rabbit holes” of worst case scenarios?  This will only fuel your feelings of worry and anxiety.  Keep to the reality of the situation.  

Think about – What is the reality of the situation?  What is really happening in the here and now?

Look outward not inward: At times of worry it can be difficult to focus on others rather than yourself, however this can really help.  Doing things for others often leaves little room for worry, therefore in whatever way you can, try to look outwardly rather than inwardly.  Ask others how they are, take an interest in others, it will really distract you from your own worries.

Think about – Having a coffee and a chat with a friend, visiting a neighbour, volunteering at an animal shelter

Physical Health: Make sure you are getting enough rest, sleep, exercise and are eating enough healthy foods.  These factors can really improve your outlook and help ward off worry.

Think about – Do you need to improve your diet and improve your exercise regime so you can feel healthier?