Stress and mental wellbeing risk assessments

Introducing stress and mental wellbeing risk assessments

You spoke, we listened! Check out the video for our new service here.

When we’ve engaged with our clients to find out what they need help with, stress risk assessments came out as being one of the most commonly suggested services. So we’ve developed a fantastic new option to add to our ever increasing suite of support for clients. It’s called our stress and mental wellbeing risk assessment.

In summary, this is a management referral service that allows staff to complete well recognised psychological assessment tools, providing greater insight into their current mental wellbeing and perceptions of their levels of stress.

See an example report here.

This is a three-part assessment, producing scores and risk categories for your member of staff, so you have a greater insight into their current wellbeing. The first two sections will enable you to benchmark the data against the general population, and if relevant, provide you initial information on how the employee can be supported.

In the third section, your member of staff will be able to provide their feedback on what elements of their role contribute towards their levels of stress. This will provide feedback on any areas where you may be able to make adjustments to support staff wellbeing.

As this is not a clinically managed service, turnaround times are fast. In fact, they’re immediate. Your member of staff can complete the assessment as soon as you make the referral, and will be able to release the report to you there and then, meaning you have access to information as quickly as you need it.

This service can be used as a screening tool to determine whether you feel a referral for an occupational health assessment (or any other service) is necessary, or to help you manage any stress related risk factors within the workplace.

This ensures you have the tools you need to help manage and support the employee.

We’ve included this service at no extra cost for all clients on our enhanced plus package.

Not on our enhanced plus package? Not to worry. This services is still available to you for the lowly price of £20 per referral.

We look forward to welcoming more of your employees to the Smart Clinic, and hope you find our new service helpful.