Weather damage. Get up to speed.

Writing this a stone’s throw away from a rising River Trent, flooding is a very real concern. In light of the recent weather extremes, many in the UK have suffered the effects such as flooding and building damage. At best this has been a disturbed noisy night’s sleep or transport delays, at worst this means property damage or loss. It’s easy to become overwhelmed by the media headlines sensationalising the state of events. If, like me, weather damage is a very real concern, don’t panic over every tabloid headline or social media update, instead have a good realistic plan in place…

Get up to date info from a good source.

Don’t rely on social media for weather updates, use reputable sources such as the met office and the government flood warning service These sources provide reliable accounts of current storms and what you may need to do in the event of an emergency.

Be a good neighbour.

If you have elderly neighbours knock on and ask if they need anything. A quick trip to the corner shop to help them stock up on bread and milk can mean the world.

Be prepared ‘bug out bag’.

Current government advice in the most at risk areas is to have a bag ready. Often known by survivalist as a “Bug out bag” this is the essential kit you need to survive for at least 3 days. It’s likely you aren’t going to need MRE rations and snake bite kits, but what you do need is your prescription medicines, insurance documents, change of warm clothing, sanitary and personal hygiene products a basic first aid kit and a bottle of water.

Check your insurance.

Don’t chance it! Check now that you have the right coverage in the event of weather damage.

Move possessions.

Events like flooding can happen very quickly. Check your status on the government info service and if you are in a red zone move your sentimental items upstairs. Things like sofas and TV’s are replaceable, photo albums and Steve (your first teddy bear) are not.

Use trusted builders, cheapest isn’t always best.

If your home has suffered weather damage such as falling slates and tiles, use reputable retailers to repair the damage. Community groups and ‘rate your trader’ type websites can prevent you from falling victim to the cowboys.

Got separated?

If you are likely to be delayed or even cut off from your loved ones have a plan or a safe meeting place set up in advance. E.g. if you are stuck on the road and aren’t able to pick the kids up from school, make sure they know ‘Auntie Jenny’ will pick them up and take them to her house etc.

Suffered a loss… ask for help.

Our counselling service, stress coaching and 24-hour helpline are available to all our customers. We are here to help with emotional and practical advice and support, don’t suffer in silence.

Let go and step back from media.

Are you finding it anxiety provoking constantly seeing weather updates and flood warnings. If you aren’t in those zones and your nearest and dearest are safe, take a step back. It’s OK to turn off the social media, often a news break can do you the world of good.

Be sensible!

Possessions like cars are replaceable … you are not! Don’t put your life in danger over something trivial. Get out and make sure you and yours are safe.

Be safe out there